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Kristin Nilsen

Östra Hedängen, Strömstad  
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Taiko became 13 years old, he left us in august 2010.  

A very special dog which we will miss a lot. 

Mastiffsåsens Baronessa has suddenly and unexpected left us. The 14:th of april 2009 she fell in sleep among near and dear ones.
"You didn´t get old you little doll, we will not forget you and always love you!
Run freee on the fields so green in Nangiala. Mother Evita will lokk after you!"
Our first DDB bitch left us the 10:th of november 2008, missed by all of us.

He was born 20:th of may 2004 and died 6:th of november 2007, so life was not to long for this son after Evita and Gustav












We will always miss you!