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Kristin Nilsen

Östra Hedängen, Strömstad  
Home: +46 526 261 41  

Mobile: +46 702 702 554





My name is Kristin and I live with my family on a farm in Bohuslän, Sweden. The farm is called Hedängen and is situated just outside of Strömstad..


I grow up with dogs, as a child we had an Doberman pinscher and after that more dogs followed. I have worked a couple of years on kennels and dog shelters, which was a wondeful time. Then I bought me an Greit Dane, we had a happy time together. 


when I moved to Strömstad I got me a Rotweiler, a bitch which had one litter. After a while I started to wonder if I should get me an other molosser. Dogue de Bordeaux, was a breed I had had my eyes on for quite a long time, but they were not so common in Sweden. 


I came in touch with a breeder in Norway who sent me further to an other kennel. And from them we got our first DDB. 


In our kennel we only breed on healthy and mentaly stable dogs with the correct type. Our pups are raised in the house with the family and are used to children, cats and other animals on our farm. We follow the regulations of Swedish kennel club. When the pups are ready to deliver they are vaccinated, chip-marked, veterinarychecked, dewormed and registrated in SKK, and insured of hidden faults up to 3 years of age.  


You can always contact me if you have questions, 24:7. 
















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Hulda, our french bulldog